Monday, January 24, 2011

Since we happen to be at Glenmorangie

We might as well continue sampling their fine wares.  One more from the "extra matured" collection.  The Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or.  After 10 years in American oak barrels, this one spends extra time in Sauternes casks from France.

If you didn't know (and I didn't until about 4 seconds ago), Sauternes is a French dessert wine.  I would expect the Scotch to pick up some sweetness, maybe some of that smooth dessert wine mouthfeel.

I've had the glass sitting next to me, taunting me while I type this.  It's all I can smell and it's making me drool.  That means it's time for tasting!

Big, full nose.  Some honey, some vinous aromas.  Much different from the Quinta Ruban.  Not much oak at all, the nose is more crisp and clean.

Flavor is sweet right up front.  Honey notes, caramel, butterscotch, a little buttery like a Chardonnay.  Mouthfeel is velvety, like I'd imagined.

This is a Scotch I just want to keep drinking.  The finish is long and delicious.  The sweetness really lingers, along with a little bit of iodine and salt.

I added a little water and am tasting new things as I continue to sip.  A little spiciness is hitting me in the back of my throat.  Just a little astringency drying out my mouth, but not overpowering at all.

That will end the Highland section of my current collection.  The next post will be the first tasting of my Wasmund's barrel rye whisky!  Stay tuned for the excitement...

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  1. This sounds utterly delicious!

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