Sunday, January 9, 2011

Continuing our walk through the Scottish highlands

We find ourselves at Glenmorangie.  The original Glenmorangie is a 10 year old Highland whisky.  Then there is a series of three that are "extra matured".  Today we'll be tasting one of those three - The Quinta Ruban, which has been matured in port casks after the normal 10 year maturation period in American oak casks.

I have this whisky because I saw it in a liquor store next to one of the other in the series.  I picked up both and brought them to a friend's house for a taste test.  He kept one, I kept the other.

I hear you: less talky, more tasty.  Let's start with some nosing around.  Very fragrant - not perfume-y fragrant, but very rich and inviting.  I'm getting a lot of oak, a little vanilla.  It reminds me of a glass of tawny port, but not in any way I can really describe.

And now a sip.  Warming, a little dry on the finish.  Lots of good wood flavor.  Nutty, and just a little sweet.  Very full-flavored but not a lot of lingering flavor after the sip.

Adding a little water really opens it up nicely.  Sweet flavors are more noticeable - caramel, maybe butterscotch candy.  The wood flavors still dominate for me.  Just a tiny hint of sea salt on the finish.

A lovely Scotch.  Rich and full-bodied, sweet and approachable.  Did I just describe The Quinta Ruban or a fine Scottish lass?  I'll leave that for you to decide.

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