Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer's just about over

And I think it's about time we get back on the whisky blog wagon.  The summer was filled with my computer exploding, pool leaking, earthquakes, hurricanes (no, really, in New Jersey) and lots of brewing beer.  Not a whole lot of whisky drinking, unfortunately, but I did start a new tradition in the Man Skirt brewhouse - the Hot Scotchy.

What's a Hot Scotchy, you ask?   It's a drink made from Scotch and hot wort from the brewing process.  It's a lovely way to pass the time while waiting for the wort to boil.  Our first try was with some Glenfiddich.  Pictured here with a glass of our Ginger Ale.

That was nice, but I thought a Scotch with a little more oompf would do well.  So we moved on to the very exciting Laphroaig Quarter Cask.  I think the Laphroaig was a bit overpowering for the drink, especially since that brew had roasted malt in it, adding to the bitterness and roasty character.

Finally, we come to today's brew day.  I wanted another Islay malt, but something a little milder than the Laprhoaig.  I had Bruichladdich in mind, but I recently ran out.  Then I saw it, hiding behind the Yamazaki: Ardmore!

A lovely Islay malt with a nice balance of sweet and peat, the Ardmore made a Hot Scotchy that I couldn't put down, and kept tasting long after it was gone.

So if you're a homebrewer, give the Hot Scotchy a try.  If you know a homebrewer, bring over a bottle and teach them a new drink.  Either way, I think you'll start a new tradition.

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